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Employees-Dedicated, dedicated and innovative employees are the foundation of the company.

Team-The whole company and partners form a team to work hard for a clear overall goal.

Customers-Customers are our food and clothing parents, develop newer and better products, and persistently pursue customer satisfaction.

Value-the pursuit of a triple win-win situation for the company, employees, and society. Value can only be reflected if it is worthy of respect and respect.

Efficiency-Under the premise of clear goals, give individuals the greatest authorization and establish a flat organizational structure to achieve work efficiency.

Pragmatic--face reality in a pragmatic spirit. Only by doing things pragmatically can the company and its products achieve sustained and long-term development.

Trust-I believe that all employees want to do a good job, and the company strives to provide them with a good working environment and respect everyone's talents and contributions.


Me and my motherland

In 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, my motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment!


Enjoy work, happy life

A large group of 154 people, a journey of 1596 kilometers, double-flying, Shuangsheng Shansheng 2019 Xi'an Tour, crowded with people, itinerary is full!


Go hard, head teacher

Shuangsheng Company, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival の "Have a fight, teacher's head" fun games!

Company landscape

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Company Activities

Spring Festival Annual Party & Dragon Boat Festival & Dumpling Feast

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Fun Games & Group Building Trip

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